Military - Ground

Ground Vehicle and Soldier Displays

IEE delivers rugged in-vehicle and manpack monitors and control display units tailored to your requirements. Military displays must deliver reliable performance under demanding conditions; our handheld devices and tactical displays for ground mobile applications are built and tested to survive everything from a boot kick to nuclear, biological or chemical decontamination procedures.

IEE's field-proven designs leverage over 75 years of experience building displays that have to survive on the battlefield. Our vehicle and handheld displays feature:

Housings that can handle any conditions

  • Fungus resistant (non-nutrient) materials like aluminum or composite
  • Built to withstand heavy shock ballistic shock
  • Sealed to withstand washdown/decontamination procedures, submersible to 1 meter
  • CARC (Chemical Agent Resistant Coatings) paint

Readability under all lighting conditions

  • Enhanced backlighting that ranges from full sunlight readability to NVIS compatibility
  • Extended dimming range
  • Optical bonding of protective and touchscreen elements to minimize reflections and maximize contrast
  • Specialty anti-reflective/anti-glare coatings

Reliable buttons and controls

  • Custom sealed bezels and buttons
  • Operable with MOPP-IV gloves
  • Touchscreens that work with gloved hands

Design and testing to key military specifications

  • Human Engineering Design – MIL STD 1472
  • Power – MIL STD 1275
  • Environmental Conditions – MIL STD 810
  • EMI /EMC– MIL STD 461, MIL STD 462

Depending on your specific application, IEE can provide an existing Handheld CDU, Enhanced LCD monitor or In-vehicle computer as an off-the-shelf solution or we can deliver a custom product built to address your requirements. Browse some of our previous ground display solutions.

Handheld CDU

IEE Handheld CDU

3.5" Graphic CDU

IEE 3.5" Graphic CDU

3.5" Browser CDU

7" Browser CDU

IEE 7" Browser CDU

10.4" Ground Vehicle Smart Display

10.4 inch Ground Vehicle Smart Display

12.1" Rugged Smart Display

12.1" Rugged Smart Display

12.1" Rugged GVA Smart Display

12.1" Rugged GVA Smart Display

15" Ground Vehicle Smart Display

15" Ground Vehicle Smart Display

Equipment Front Panels

 Mini-Dama Controller, Falcon Radio Front Panel, Falcon Radio Front Panel, MD-1333/A UHF SATCOM, Modem GPS Controller, Military Field Radio Front Panels

13.3 Inch Full HD MFD Video Display

13.3 Inch FHD Rugged Video Display