Custom Display Enclosures

19 inch SXGA rugged military display

Sealed enclosures protect your industrial monitor in any environment

IEE's sealed monitor enclosures let you use your industrial display in any environment. We offer a wide range of choices from sealed bezels for panel mount applications or for use with a customer-provided case to full enclosures that completely isolate your monitor from the harsh conditions of your factory or worksite.

Rugged Display Enclosures:

  • Form factor: Bezel or full enclosure, we can design and fabricate a case to your exact specifications.

  • Choice of materials and finishes: IEE can deliver your enclosure in polished stainless steel, painted steel, anodized aluminum or high-strength plastic.

  • Sealing: Our line of EnviroShield rugged industrial displays come standard with a bezel sealed to NEMA 4X/IP-66 standards to withstand dust and a high-pressure water jet but we can provide any degree of sealing you need up to the fully submersible designs we sell to the U.S. Navy.

  • Shielding: If EMI/RFI is a concern, we can design the case to reduce interference with nearby electronics

  • Operator controls: We can incorporate programmable membrane/mechanical keys and switches into the case design for easy integration with your software.

  • Protective glass: We can add another layer of protection against impacts (as well as increase vibration tolerance) by incorporating anything from Gorilla Glass(TM) to polycarbonate to the monitor enclosure. For sunlight-readable displays, or anywhere image quality is critical, the protective layer will be optically bonded to the LCD to reduce internal reflections and improve contrast.

  • Mounting systems: We can deliver your case with industry standard VESA mounting holes or any mounting system you require including yokes, custom arms, rack mount, or pole/pedestal designs.