Keeping up with the speed of travel

IEE's industrial LCD displays have been used in transportation applications for many years. Customers have used our OptiBright and OEMSelect flat panel displays in ticket vending machines, ticket validators and fare collection systems all over the world. The ruggedized design and durable construction of IEE products means that transportation display solutions built with our components can stand up to daily use by thousands of travelers.

For indoor applications where you are looking for an industrial display panel to integrate into your own case design, look to our OEMSelect line. These open-frame displays will withstand the shock and vibration that are often an issue in transportation settings where equipment is in close proximity to trains, buses and other heavy vehicles.

If sunlight readability is a requirement for either outdoor ticket kiosk or in-vehicle display applications, start with the OptiBright series. These displays offer enhanced backlighting systems and optically bonded filters to improve readability in bright conditions. For outdoor installations in very hot or cold locations, optional fans and heaters can extend the operating temperature range of our displays.

Both the indoor display OEMSelect and outdoor monitor OptiBright standard designs can be further customized with options like resistive or PCAP touch screens, vandal-proof glass, and VGA video interface.