Case Study: Multi-Functional Display for Avionics

8.4 inch Multi-Functional Display for Avionics Applications

Customer Need: Rapid Prototyping


An avionics systems integrator and software development company required a highly legible display head to be used on the multi-functional display (MFD) in the L-159 combat and training aircraft system, manufactured by AERO Vodochody. They required and 8.4-inch AMLCD display, with dual-mode high-bright/NVIS white backlight. It also required a heater for low-temperature operation.


Rapid prototyping of a Mil-Aero display requires zero tolerances for error. The unit was needed within days.


IEE developed the required 8.4-inch display with the required functionality. We also added a bezel with 24 NVIS Green B backlit key and 4 rocker switches. This unit was optically tested to MIL-STD-3009, environmentally tested to MIL-STD-810, and EMI/EMC tested to MIL-STD-461.

Senior IEE personnel have decades of experience in the Southern California aerospace industry and have long-standing relationships with local certified environmental and EMI/EMC laboratories. They also have close working relationships with local machine shops These relationships enable priority access to these labs and leading aerospace consultants as needed.

IEE delivered the mechanical samples in just a few days, and functional prototypes within weeks, well below industry’s standard delivery times. The entire development effort took less than ten weeks from concept to flight-test article installation onto the aircraft.