Pharmaceuticals/Food and Beverage

Rugged monitors for wash-down environments

Food processing and pharmaceutical production present a challenge in the form of both dust and moisture. Sanitation requirements for the food and beverage packaging, food processing and pharmaceutical manufacturing industries make the use of standard computer equipment impossible. Monitors and workstations have to withstand regular wipe downs with strong chemicals or pressurized wash-downs with water. IEE's EnviroShield displays are sealed to NEMA 4X/IP-66 standards to protect sensitive electronics from particulates, moisture and chemicals.

If you are designing a pharmaceutical clean room or equipment for food and beverage production and need an industrial monitor that can withstand dust, moisture, and vibration, start with our EnviroShield products and customize them to your needs. Depending on your application you may want to add features like resistive touch panels for operator control with gloved hands, as well as auxiliary heating or cooling to match the operating range of the display to your manufacturing environment.