Frequently Asked Questions

Retail Products

Does IEE still sell pole displays and mini-kiosks?

No; IEE no longer offers retail products.

Vacuum Fluorescent and LCD Displays Modules

I have a Flip 03601-23-080 Vacuum Fluorescent Display Module (Example) and I cannot find the specification in your download section?

Our business is over 75 years old and we released our first vacuum fluorescent module in 1979. Our focus is to provide operational information for our newest products making the software developers work easier. We archive specifications for products we still support but may not necessarily recommend for new designs. Contact us at the factory at 800-422-0867 and if the data is not in an electronic form we will either mail or fax it to you.

I have recently purchased a Century Vacuum Fluorescent Display Module and I don't have any data on how to interface to the display. I see pictures and descriptions of features on your web site, but I need more information.

Select "Downloads" from the top Support navigation menu, then look for the section: Vacuum Fluorescent Display Modules - Century Series.

What is IEE's delivery on standard products? Custom products?

For Vacuum Fluorescent and LCD display modules, it is 4 to 6 weeks ARO (After Receipt of Order). For retail products, is usually 1 to 2 weeks.

Does IEE offer "graphic" Vacuum Fluorescent Display Modules?

A VF “graphic” display is currently in the design phase. We have LCD text displays with graphic functions to display higher resolution, multi-byte characters such as Chinese, Hungul, Angsana, etc.

Can IEE cross a competitors Vacuum Fluorescent or LCD Displays Module?

No, since there is no set standard size and interface for displays, IEE can not directly cross another manufacturer's part with our off-the-shelf displays. We do however offer custom solutions where we can design to a specific application. Please contact sales for details.

What LCD options does IEE's Century Vacuum Fluorescent Modules support? What is different?

Century Vacuum Fluorescent Display Modules support standard LCD data communication per the Hitachi 44780 specification, but differ in "read back" (host system asks for information from the Century). The read back function is accessed from a different pin on the Century, and the data sent is formatted different.

Which Vacuum Fluorescent or LCD Displays Modules work with IEE's SDCM's?

Depends on type of display. "Flip" Vacuum Fluorescent Displays Module can use either 30425-02 USDCM/M, or 26685-0X USDCM, or 32195-01 RDCMM. Depending on the specific model, "No Frills Vacuum Fluorescent Display Modules will use the 31785-XX series. Nova's (LCD's modules) will use the 29749-XX series.