Case Study: Sunlight Readable Display for a Ticket Vending Kiosk

Sunlight Readable Display for a Ticket Vending Kiosk

Customer Need: A bright display panel that could stand up to the rigors of an outdoor environment and fit into a custom enclosure


The client, a leading provider of revenue collection systems for public transportation, manufactures ticket vending machines for transit fare collection in-train, subway and bus stations. These kiosks, deployed in the US and internationally, are located both indoors and outdoors and require a rugged, sunlight readable display that can withstand exposure to a wide range of climates.


The client was looking for open frame display panels that would mount into outdoor ticket vending machines. Many of these custom-designed kiosks would be used in outdoor transportation venues, which meant that the screens had to be sunlight readable and be able to operate in extreme heat and cold. Furthermore, some kiosks would be deployed on train platforms and other locations that were subject to substantial vibration from passing trains and busses.

In addition, the customer discovered that some ticket vending machines deployed in extremely sunny outdoor environments, such as Los Angeles and Australia, were breaking down prematurely due to solar loading and high ambient temperatures. They asked IEE to address this issue and come up with a solution.


IEE delivered 10.4 and15-inch VGA, SVGA, and XGA open frame panels, along with a mounting system to accommodate the custom kiosk design. IEE ruggedized the displays to withstand a higher than normal level of vibration and replaced the backlighting system to enhance sunlight readability. To address the challenge of operating outside in summer months, IEE incorporated cooling fans to extend operating temperature range

IEE solved the solar loading issue by choosing an LED panel with a wider operating temperature to 100°C and provided a custom thermal interface.

IEE has since become a supplier of TFT panels in a variety of sizes that this customer uses in a wide range of TVM and validating ticket machines.