Case Study: ATM TTW Drive Up Teller Display

Drive -Up Teller Display

Customer Need: Replacement for existing panel


This customer is the design house for a global leader in self-service banking solutions and was looking to replace the existing CCFL display in an existing drive-through system. The new display had to include not only the panel and associated electronics but also enable a two-way video feed of the customer to the teller assisting with the transaction.


The teller camera needed to be embedded into the display and mounted onto an articulated arm. This was being viewed at a 45-degree angle, so IEE had to change the interface board to reverse the image. Additional support for various video delivery methods was also required.

The banking customers uses a pneumatic tube to complete their transactions, which causes additional vibration to the display and surrounding enclosure.

The drive-thru display required enhanced graphics and sunlight readability, and because it was outside, needed additional protection from temperature variations. The display also needed to fit within the existing housing.


Drive Thru Customer Display:

IEE sourced an open frame 6.4" LCD and replaced the CCFL backlighting system with one that delivered full-sunlight readability and added a heater to extend the operating temperature range. IEE added the camera interface electronics and packaged it all up with a custom back panel case that allowed for drop-in replacement into the existing drive-through equipment.

Indoor Teller Display:

IEE adjusted the interface of the inside display to flip, using a mirror to reflect the proper image back to the teller. Additional video support was added for NTSC and PAL/SECAM.

IEE continues to work with this client on their next generation design using a larger screen with touch capabilities.