Case Study: Process Monitoring for CNC

Process Monitoring for CNC application


Existing panel display not adequate


Due to a dirty operating environment, dust and debris had penetrated into the current panel as the case wasn’t sealing properly. The client needed a replacement 10.4 inch LCD and bezel, with an interface card that could mount in their existing box. This would be replacing an older CRT display.


Selecting the right choice of materials that are compatible with existing LCD surface treatments and cover material (glass, polycarbonate etc.) is a critical expertise that sets IEE apart from competitors.

IEE replaced the existing CRT monitor with a 10.4-inch flat panel display. They removed the existing coating on the selected LCD panels and created a special bonded solution on the front of the display so the customer could seal it against their bezel. They added a custom LVDS interface video card controller, providing VGA, Composite Video, S-Video and DVI inputs.

IEE continues to provide displays to this client and works closely with them on new product designs.