15" Rugged Avionics Display

15" Rugged Avionics Display

This 15-inch Display Unit is designed for extreme environments, including spacecraft and other airborne platforms. The display operates under a very wide range of lighting, and has a maximum luminance of >650 nits, >500:1 contrast ratio, and symmetrical viewing angles of 85o all around.

The operator interfaces with the unit through 14 pushbuttons on the front-face of the display assembly, and visually through the 15.0-inch displays. The LCD is a 15.0” Diagonal a-Si TFT LCD with 6-bit + FRC color, 1024 x 768 pixels (XGA) resolution with an LED backlight.

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Product Features:

  • XGA (1024 x 768) Resolution 24-bit 15.0” inch TFT Display
  • Extremely wide viewing angles: ±-85º H, ±-85º V
  • High brightness/contrast
  • Dual-DVI video input, RS-422 serial communication interface
  • 14 multifunctional hard keys with snap action, tactile feedback, mechanical / audible feedback
  • Up / Down pushbutton brightness control, 32 levels of brightness
  • Video selection momentary pushbuttons with green LED indicators
  • Rotary switch with ‘Select’ momentary pushbutton
  • LCD and bezel key pushbutton LED backlight
  • Extremely Rugged housing
  • Operation in both Portrait / Landscape modes