6" X 6" Airborne MFD


8.5 Avionics MFD

Also available in 5" x 5" and 8" x 8"
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This 6X6 inch display is an ideal replacement for legacy Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) obsolescence mitigation or technology insertion on airborne platforms, offering many life-cycle improvements. The MFD accepts one NTSC video source multiplexed with a stroke signal to display both raster and vector images individually or simultaneously. The embedded micro-controller and FPGA convert and process the video for smooth and clear presentation in monochrome green or full color. Operator controls feature 20 bezel mounted variable function push-buttons and three fixed function rocker switches. This versatile display also features a full featured RS232 control/status interface and can be upgraded for a variety of digital video inputs.

6" X 6" Airborne MFD Features:
  • 6”x6” 24-bit color AMLCD – selectable as monochrome Green on Black or full color
  • 983 x 983 pixel resolution
  • High-bright sunlight readability (HACR ≥ 9.5:1) and NVIS backlight
  • Integral heater and anti-reflective coating
  • Brightness 315 fL (Green)
  • Rugged construction for military fixed and rotary wing aircraft
  • Video Interface: Stroke/Raster (525 or 875 line) standard
  • Optional Video Interfaces: DVI, HD-SDI, ARINC-818